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You are welcome to visit the website of Shanghai Zhong LAN fluid control equipment Co., Ltd., if you do not find the information and information you need at this station, you can also contact us by the following ways:

After sale address:building 16, office building, 185 shangwen road, huangpu district, Shanghai.

Add:Shanghai huangpu district to meet great north road 8 to 1, 804

Shanghai base address:Lane 4, No. 9, No. 4390, Pudong New Area,, Shanghai, Shanghai

Production base:Jinhu Jiangsu health Road (Tel: 0517-86483170)

Anhui branch:Xuancheng Hanting Anhui town (Tel: (+86) 021-63336009, 18964687469)

Shaanxi branch:Xi'an Fengwei New District Tiantai Road No. 47 (a rooftop road and road intersection)

Foreign trade department, please contact:13601780880

Tel:+86(021)333 16189、6345 7117(Switchboard)Customer service/Tel:+86(021)333 16189转804


contacts:Mr. Li +86(021)6457117|Mobile phone:+8613651645711(General technical support)

Mr. Wang Mobile phone:(+86)138 1755 5920

Product mailbox:zhonglan@shzlflex.com or 13651645711@139.com(Reply to you within 1 hours of the working day!)

(Working hours: Monday to Friday morning 8:30 - 17:30 PM; Saturday morning 9:30 - 15:30 PM)

Chinese websites:http://www.shzlflex.com

The sale of the site:http://zhonglan2006.b2b.hc360.com

All weather free consultation: 4000-891-918 service solutions for you!

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