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Six layer winding 6SP GH466 series Aeroquip standard type

Should use:Six layers of high pressure oil based fluid hydraulic transmission system (high temperature environment operation   )

Inner glue:High temperature resistant synthetic rubber

Reinforced material:Six layers of steel wire winding reinforced layer

Outer adhesive:Synthetic rubber outer layer

Temperature degree:-40℃<+100℃

Application standard:SAE 100R15 TYPE EN856 6SP Performance

Product model(Part.No) Inside diameter(I.D) Outside Diamete(O.D) Working Pressure(W.P) Blasting Pressure(B.P) Weight(W) Bending Radius(B.R)
mm /inch mm bar /psi bar/psi kg/m mm
GH466-20 31.8/1.25 49.3 420/6090 1680/24000 3.48 420
GH466-24 38.1/1.50 57.4 420/6090 1680/24000 4.63 510
GH466-32 50.8/2.00 71.7 420/6090 1680/24000 6.70 630