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Medicine delivery tube

Temperature:-30℃/+125 ℃ Cleaning and disinfection.

Structure:Transparent, with high strength polyester fiber cable to strengthen.

Technical characteristics:The hose is made of TPE composite, without curing process, easy to bend, and the inner and outer walls are completely smooth, so as to ensure the material flow in the pipe is sufficient and smooth, easy to clean and disinfect.

Inner wall characteristic:Extrusion production, with a low porosity TPS hose to reduce the penetration problem. No smell, no taste, no change in the original sensory attributes of the medium inside the tube. Has excellent acid resistance, wear resistance, permeability. In general, the tube is also resistant to grease, fat resistance.

Outer wall characteristic:Ozone resistance, aging resistance, strong weather resistance, internal printing logo, even if used repeatedly, but also clearly visible.

Application:Cosmetics, health care products, food, drug delivery to provide an ideal solution, but also apply to high quality wine, fruit juice acetic acid, spirits (alcohol is less than 50%)

Demonstration:In line with the EU EU10/2011 food grade standards and the United States FDA food grade standards of the provisions of the 21CFR177.2600; hydrolysis resistant, resistant bacteria, in line with the provisions of the VI USP drug level.

Internal diameter External diameter Weight Working pressure Bending radius Length per roll Volume
mm mm g/m bar m m M3
6.4 12.6 85 12 40 100 0.028
7.9 14.6 110 15 60 100 0.035
9.5 16.3 125 14 70 100 0.042
12.7 20.1 170 10 90 100 0.061
15.9 24.4 240 9 110 50 0.051
19 27.9 295 9 130 50 0.087
25.4 34.5 385 7 180 50 0.110


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