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Shanghai Zhong LAN fluid control equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in March 2005; mainly engaged in construction traffic engineering machinery, petroleum engineering machinery, engineering machinery, mining machinery and energy, injection molding machinery, shipbuilding, steel, military and other infrastructure required for matching parts of major high-tech equipment R & D and manufacturing, is a set of trade and technology production and processing in one integrated continuous innovation and growth type enterprise. At present is the Italy STOPFLEX (rubber hose) Italy PIOTTI (one-way valve and fast joint) companies in China, independent operators.

In both China and the world, the loyalty of the blue can be supported by providing the following services to support infrastructure development and economic development:

For the power system to provide insulation grease assembly withholding equipment and control integrated product and service: major markets including customers in the field of industrial and institutional, public utilities, commercial, residential, technical information and original equipment manufacturing。

Provide hydraulic power components, systems and services for industrial equipment and construction machinery market covers agricultural, construction, mining, forestry, petroleum industry, material handling, machine tools, tooling, injection molding, power generation, shipping, mainly metal and natural gas, etc.

For commercial and military aircraft to provide fuel, hydraulic and pneumatic system: in the aerospace industry Zhong LAN in the design, manufacture and sales of applicable to hydraulic, fuel, cleaning, inspection, system level maintenance of runway, mobile control application of comprehensive, reliable and efficient systems and components (etc.) in the market leading position。

Modern piping systems for medium and heavy duty trucks and engineering vehicles are provided. The main products include mechanical engine valves and valve blocks, discharge devices, and fuel and cooling delivery and hard pipe fluid connectors.

For ships of war and civilian merchant ships provide parts, special military vehicle and hydraulic pipeline system, hydraulic transmission solutions and armament valves control the development, research and production of components。

Regardless of where customers are, they are committed to providing them with the key products, services and solutions to promote their success, thereby promoting business growth and customer satisfaction。

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