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Shanghai Zhong LAN fluid control equipment Co., Ltd. in the construction machinery market economic disorder in the market disorder in order to pursue "to the key, open the door! ", the company firmly believes that only the first - class pre - and post - sales service can keep customers. So for the multi company research provide products of three mode of lifelong service。

● First level service

Broaden product market: the market adaptability of service product development stage, inviting market customer resources and market products to customers and industry experts on behalf of the company to develop products on technology, market adaptability, customer satisfaction and indexes to carry out exchange and evaluation, until the development of the industry customer satisfaction, adapt to market the hose assembly production。

● Two level service

Product sales stage: technical adaptability service. Product sales, actively cooperate with the customer the equipment management, use, maintenance, and adaptability of products and technical training, in order to allow customers to fully familiar with and master the product structure, performance, principle, operation maintenance and maintenance product and technical knowledge。

●Three level service

Product is put into use, stage: technology key service products delivered to customers at the scene, the company sent to the site installation and commissioning and lasting at least a week on-site technical training. The product is put into use, the company sent in 24 hours and 48 hours of regular tour service. Within the warranty period, the company promises: from the failure of customers received feedback information, to send personnel to the scene troubleshooting, no more than 48 hours。

●Product lifetime service

Product service period: technical service to forever. Products more than the warranty period, as long as the product is still in use, the company will always provide timely technical services and accessories supply security。

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